In October 2021, in a project commissioned by Recipharm, a
Realized low-temperature storage. Refolution has worked as a project manager and
enables planners to accept the project in just 5 months after initial contact. The
two storage rooms each have 185 m³ and 85 m² of storage space. thanks to the
technology used by Mirai Intex, the storage rooms can do without
problems between -90°C and -20°C. Each room comes with
an N+1 redundancy of three Mirai Intex MC10 O/W machines with air
cooled as a refrigerant. The control quality is +/- 0.5 K with a
Temperature homogeneity of 2 K in empty space. Because of the mechanical
defrosting, this requirement is met at all times.
At the same time, due to the dew point reduction of approx. 15 K
dried. This ensures a particularly high product quality
To store. In addition, the speed control allows a special
efficient operation of the systems even at partial loads.

The cooling water systems are self-sufficient via two redundant R290 chillers
(propane chiller) from Secon of the STRATOS type. In addition
the overall installation with an emergency diesel generator set
Protected against power failure and thus provides safe storage
any point in time.

To control the temperature of the lock to -20 °C, which reduces the heat input into the
Chambers reduced, a cold brine set from Secon is also used
Mission. Thus, the plant represents the exclusive use
natural refrigerant an environmentally friendly, efficient and safe
cryogenic storage.