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Goods logistics of low-temperature products:

Goods logistics of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, hormones, enzymes, blood plasma, etc., require special logistics and storage requirements, as these products require a controlled environment.

These products can be damaged if mishandled and lose their effectiveness, which is why they need to be stored and transported in warehouses with constant temperature and humidity.

In order to ensure effective goods logistics for cryogenic products, it is important to use reliable, efficient refrigeration technology that ensures compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

Emergency concept:

An important aspect of your inventory infrastructure is contingency planning and provision of cryogenic storage capacity that can be used when needed to keep products safe. This capacity can be provided in a nearby and accessible location or through a service partner who can provide mobile emergency capacity and have the necessary equipment and systems to ensure a controlled environment for the products.

In summary, the goods logistics of cryogenic products is a critical factor in maintaining their integrity and quality. An effective contingency plan that enables quick and efficient responses to potential disruptions is essential to avoid damage to the products.

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