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Sebastian Kneipp is considered the forefather of cold therapy and discovered the healing effects of cold in the early 19th century. It is said that he himself suffered from tuberculosis and this

healed with the help of ice-cold baths in the Danube. This gave him world fame. Thanks to his training in the early years, the path to whole-body cold is open to us today.

Studies show that whole-body cold application reduces pain in patients with chronic rheumatism (e.g. arthritis). By reducing the skin temperature below 13.6°C, the transmission of stimuli in the nerves is greatly reduced. This leads to local pain reduction. Since whole-body cold can be combined with other forms of therapy, it strengthens the success of the recovery process. The treatment of migraines can be positively influenced if you drastically cool down the skin on the neck and thus reduce nerve conductivity. A positive additional effect is the cooling of the blood through the carotid arteries, which are located near the surface of the skin.

Users who regularly use the whole-body cold chamber report a euphoric mood and an increase in happiness. The process stimulates the central nervous system and results in an increase in adrenaline and endorphin levels. This leads directly to a mood lift and an increased energy level. A promising and growing area of whole-body cold research is the treatment of depression and its symptoms.

Professional athletes as well as amateur athletes traditionally use ice baths or contrast showers to support their regeneration process and increase their performance. Whole-body cold can also help you increase your athletic performance by reducing your recovery times and boosting your metabolism.

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