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HOF-CryoBlizzard - Next Generation Lyophilization

HOF-CryoBlizzard - Next Generation Lyophilization

The HOF-CryoBlizzard is a central cooling system with only air as a refrigerant and a coolant that is perfect for deep temperature applications with a batch process like lyophilization, plasma freezers and waste gas scrubber.

Last week we did some new measurements and improvements with HOF, Mirai, Secon and our team on the HOF-CryoBlizzard to valid our upcoming energy report. With running sine November 2019 and having already more than 5000 running hours without any fail of the refrigeration system it is an impressive example on reliability.

As soon we have implemented the improvements and have our report ready, we will publish the energy measurements.

Air as a refrigerant is safe, available and for free!

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