Whole Body Cryo Chamber

In a project by COOLINN GmbH, the first whole-body cold chamber was realized in October 2019, which can reach temperatures of down to -118°C using only air as a refrigerant. Refolution acted as developer and project manager. The whole-body cold chamber is a two-chamber system. Thanks to the Mirai Intex technology used, the temperature within the main room can be varied between -118°C and -20°C. The main room is cooled with the Mirai Intex MC15 machine with air as the refrigerant. This technology makes the whole-body cold chamber not only the most efficient, safest and most environmentally friendly, but also the most future-proof. It will not be affected by future political bans. A main focus in the development of the whole-body cold chamber was a good user experience. The even air circulation within the COOLINN full-body cold chamber results in a homogeneous temperature distribution from head to toe. However, the air speed is kept very low in order to provide the end customer with a particularly pleasant experience. The COOLINN temperature profile is unique on the market and provides the user with the maximum experience and the best possible cooling over the entire body. In addition to the benefits for the user, there are also many points that are important for the operator. The de-icing process of the whole-body cold chamber is automated and can easily be carried out between customer aisles. This enables a high customer frequency. As a result, the entire whole-body cold chamber only needs to be warmed up at very long intervals, in contrast to competitive products. The waste heat is used to heat the adjoining room in winter.

COOLINN whole body cryotherapy chamber from the inside
COOLINN whole body cryotherapy chamber