Material processing

Cryogenic material processing is an advanced process for improving the processing quality and performance of materials using extremely low temperatures. The materials to be processed are cooled with liquid nitrogen or by electrical refrigeration in order to optimize their mechanical properties.

Cryogenic material processing offers various advantages over conventional processing methods. The extreme cold makes the materials more brittle, which can lead to increased machinability and reduced tool wear. This enables more precise machining results and a longer tool life.

Another advantage of cryogenic material processing is that it can lead to a reduction in thermal deformation and stresses. The effect of the cold stabilizes the materials, which can minimize deformation during the machining process. This can lead to improved dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the machined parts.

Cryogenic material processing is used in various sectors, including metal processing, the plastics industry and semiconductor manufacturing. It is used to process workpieces such as castings, forgings, plastics and others.