Your mobile transport solution from -40°C to -110°C

3D-Modell of a Ultra Low Temperature Container - mobile storage top view 3D-Modell of a Ultra Low Temperature Container - mobile storage top view

Turnkey, individual low-temperature transport trailers with air (R729) as the refrigerant for flexible use from −40°C to −110°C

Planned and implemented to suit your requirements.

Brief description of the Thomaidis CryoCargo 110

The CryoCargo110 is a high-quality mobile low-temperature warehouse, including storage system, safety, loading and unloading concept.

The trailer consists of special insulating panels with PU foam, which are mechanically stable enough for extreme temperatures and achieve an adequate insulating effect for the low-temperature range.

For the main storage room, we used the flexible cold air chillers from Mirai Intex, which achieve temperatures from -40 to -110°C (optionally up to -160°C). Appropriate lock systems are integrated for energy optimization and ice mist reduction.

The machine control is implemented with an S7 and our developed security concepts and can be extended to customer needs, such as GMP Audit Trail with GAMP5. The equipment of the CryoCargo 110 is integrated from temperature monitoring to LED lighting to shelf or rail systems.

Our services for your low-temperature logistics

Low-temperature logistics service

The Cryocargo can be used to transport sensitive goods and as an emergency storage room. The trailer can be chewed turnkey at Thomaidis. In addition, Thomaidis can handle your low-temperature logistics in Europe and Asia with its own trucks.
The technology used is fail-safe, simple and future-proof. The refrigeration technology is driven in mobile operation by redundant diesel generators and in stationary operation via the terrestrial power connection. With this, the truck can also be used safely in the emergency plan described below.

We can also support you in planning and implementing your complete cold supply chain for the temperature range -40°C to -110°C.

Ultra Low Temperature Container - mobile storage
Ultra Low Temperature Container - mobile storage

Emergency solution service concept

Your existing low-temperature infrastructure has an increased risk of failure due to the technical complexity. In order to ensure that your temperature and expensive goods are maintained, Gebr. Thomaidis GmbH offers a service concept for your emergency situations. This includes the provision of emergency low-temperature storage capacities.
In just a few hours, several units can be at your site, pre-conditioned to your required temperature. There, our solution can cool your goods efficiently and for a long time in terrestrial or diesel generator operation.

Control panel of the refrigerator technology
Control panel of the refrigerator technology

Technical details

  • insulation

    The insulation is realized with proven polyurethane insulation elements. Depending on the requirements, these can be optimized with integrated vacuum plates. When cold, the elements contract and the outer shell stays warm. This leads to mechanical stress, which is greater the higher the temperature difference and the higher the chamber. Our chambers are reinforced with hook and loop fasteners, so the chambers remain mechanically stable even after many temperature changes. In addition, we check all our installations with the thermal imaging camera and thus optimize penetrations, such as for cable bushings.

  • lighting

    Tried and tested low-temperature LEDs are used for lighting, which illuminate the room well, introduce a low heat load into the storage room and thus greatly reduce operating costs. In addition, these are battery-buffered so that the room can be left safely even in the event of a power failure.

  • steering

    The turnkey solution is controlled by an industry-proven S7 1200 (Siemens).

    Optionally, the system can be equipped and tracked with predictive maintenance software. This also increases reliability, and the trailer can also be equipped with a replacement control and audit trail (GAMP 5). The control can be integrated into the building management system (GLT) with the classic interfaces. In addition, if necessary, faults can be detected and rectified at an early stage via remote maintenance.

  • engine room

    The machine room is located in the rear part of the trailer.
    The cold air machine, the intake ducts, the switch cabinets for control and
    Control of the storage room and its components and another refrigeration system for cooling
    of the engine room. This ensures operation even at above-average temperatures
    outside temperatures and keeps the machine room at a constant 25°C.

Reliable, durable, efficient and safe for people and the environment!

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Technical remarks

  • safety concept

    The safety concept includes a dead man's switch, a battery buffer for the lighting and a non-slip floor. The dead man's switch is a proven concept to ensure personnel safety and can optionally be combined with your factory security
    or control room can be connected.

  • Passively cooled sluice

    The lock system limits the ambient air and the moisture that can enter the
    Main storage room is introduced during loading and unloading. With which we achieve a clear view in the storage room and greatly reduce the formation of ice fog and ice, thereby ensuring safe handling for the staff.

  • refrigeration

    We carry out a detailed cooling load calculation with your requirements and then use the appropriate, efficient refrigeration technology with only natural refrigerants. For the low temperature below -40°C, the cold air cooling technology from Mirai Intex with only air (R729) is used in the open version. With its mechanical de-icing, this ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution, dry storage air with a dew point reduction of up to +20°C and constant temperatures without defrosting cycles.

    Natural refrigerants are free from political regulations such as the F-Gas Regulation.

  • Plug & Play

    The trailer only needs diesel to ensure cooling during transport, with which two redundant diesel generators are operated. Optionally, it is possible to switch to terrestrial power connection during the stand. A power connection of 400 V/ 63 A is required for this.

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The advantages of the Cryocargo110 at a glance

Large storage capacity
Large storage capacity
18.5 m² / 43.5 m³ Exclusively low-temperature storage space without lock and machine room.

Diesel generator operation for cooling during transport and terrestrial operation for stationary cooling. Unique temperature flexibility: at the push of a button, the temperature can be set steplessly from -40°C to -110°C.

Future proof
Future proof
By using ambient air as a refrigerant for the main storage room, our solution is unaffected by political regulations.

Eco-friendly & safe for people & environment
Eco-friendly & safe for people & environment
Natural refrigerant without high pressures, without toxicity and without flammability. 0 GWP, 0 ODP, 0 TFA. High level of personal protection through dead man's switch, escape routes, little ice fog and non-slip floors.

Temperature stable
Temperature stable
The mobile cooling is implemented using redundant diesel generators. Since only diesel is required for cooling, high availability of the cooling and high temperature stability are guaranteed.

Low maintenance & durable
Low maintenance & durable
The low-temperature refrigeration technology is low-wear, low-vibration and working pressures prevail up to a maximum of 1 barg. These factors result in long-lasting system technology.

Christian Berger

CSL Behring

Christian Berger · Global Director - Process and Technology Owner for Aseptic & Sterility

Refolution supported me in the technical verification of design and dimensioning of a Natural Refrigerant Cooling System for a new Freeze Dryer system.
I was very happy with the immediate support and competence of the Refolution Team. Thanks for your help.

Technical details & options

Technical information





  • The CryoCargo110 is a cryogenic trailer that includes a storage system with safety, loading and unloading concepts. The trailer consists of insulating panels with PU foam, which are mechanically stable enough for extreme temperatures.

    In order to achieve temperatures of -40 °C to -110 °C (optionally to -160 °C) in the main storage room, we only use air as a refrigerant.

    An airlock system is integrated to ensure energy optimisation and ice fog reduction and to allow access to the main storage room. The main task of the passively cooled airlock is to limit the exchanged air volume between the ambient air and the main storage room.

  • Individual design of the warehouse, locks and loading area.

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