Our Central refrigeration for freeze drying

3D-Modell of a Central refrigeration for freeze drying 3D-Modell of a Central refrigeration for freeze drying

Low-temperature central refrigeration systems from -40°C to -110°C for demanding processes such as freeze drying.

Introduction Central refrigeration system

The central refrigeration system is essentially a layered storage tank with a heat transfer medium that can store, load and provide different temperature levels in the different layers. This means that in process steps that require little power, this can be stored in the form of cold heat carrier and in process steps that require a lot of power, this can be accessed directly. Especially in batch processes such as freeze drying, this enables a high specific cooling capacity with significantly fewer chillers and a reduction in power peaks in the electricity and cold water network. The loading accumulator is able to load and unload different layers at the same time without mixing them thanks to a patented inner workings. For temperatures below -40°C, the stratified storage tank is optimally charged with the cold air chillers from Mirai Intex with only air as the refrigerant.

Planning, consulting and implementation

The central refrigeration system is optimized precisely to the customer's needs or the process. The load profiles of the consumers, such as the recipes for the freeze-drying process, are analyzed and compared with the simultaneity of production. For example, with 4 freeze dryers (GT) operating in parallel with a filling line with 25% redundancy, this can mean that 4*125% = 500% cooling capacity was installed in the past. Drying usually only requires 1/3 of the power required for freezing (100%). This usually gives the worst load case of 1 GT in freezing (100%) and 2 GTs in drying (2*33%) a load requirement of 166%. With high redundancy, 250% can then be installed, which means half of the classic chillers. The concept is therefore also suitable for retrofitting existing systems.

Central refrigeration for freeze drying
Central refrigeration for freeze drying
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Technical details of central refrigeration

  • design of storage

    Thanks to a patented storage tank design, several cold generators can load the storage tank and generate different temperature levels. As a result, the chillers are always operated at the optimum operating point.

  • Different temperature levels

    As on the refrigeration side of the storage tank, multiple consumers can be connected to the storage tank. Due to the different temperature levels, consumers can be supplied with cold at the same time as required at different temperature levels.

  • stratified storage

    The layered tank separates the chillers from the consumption side and initially serves as a hydraulic switch. In addition, it has several zones with which different consumers can be supplied at different temperatures at the same time. Large capacities can be developed in the short term via storage layers. This reduces the performance of the cooling loops to be installed and peaks in the electricity and cold water network.

Reliable, durable, efficient and safe for people and the environment!

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Technical remarks

  • refrigeration

    The proven cold air cooling technology from Mirai Intex is used for temperatures below -40°C. The is characterized in this area by high efficiency and reliability. Due to the refrigerant air (R729), the system is environmentally friendly and there are no restrictions and regulations such as the EU F-Gas regulation and REACH.

Your benefits at a glance

future proof
future proof

Air as a refrigerant is free, unregulated and safe. The systems are robust and specially built for low temperatures.

high reliability
high reliability

Proven technology - Made in Germany. Wear-resistant and redundant.


Individually adapted to the needs Version with freely selectable temperatures in operation with high power density.


Speed-controlled, energy storage with reduced load peaks in the electricity and cooling water network

safe for people and the environment
safe for people and the environment

Natural refrigerant without high pressures.

low-maintenance & durable
low-maintenance & durable

No leak test, air-bearing compressor = no wear, no oil. High quality system technology.

Christian Berger

CSL Behring

Christian Berger · Global Director - Process and Technology Owner for Aseptic & Sterility

Refolution supported me in the technical verification of design and dimensioning of a Natural Refrigerant Cooling System for a new Freeze Dryer system.
I was very happy with the immediate support and competence of the Refolution Team. Thanks for your help.

Technical details & options

Technical information


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