Industrial refrigeration refers to the process of generating cold in industrial applications. Industrial refrigeration is used in various industries and areas, such as the food and beverage industry, the chemical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, storage and logistics as well as many other production processes where refrigeration is required.

Industrial refrigeration is needed to keep products or processes at low temperatures or to cool them. This can help to maintain the quality of food and beverages, control chemical reactions, protect sensitive materials or improve the efficiency of industrial machinery and equipment.

The selection of the appropriate industrial refrigeration system depends on various factors, including the required cooling capacity, temperature requirements, the specific area of application and cost-effectiveness. There are different types of industrial refrigeration systems, including compression chillers, absorption chillers, adsorption chillers and cryogenic chillers, which are based on different technologies and refrigerants.
The use of industrial refrigeration is crucial for many industrial processes and applications. It plays an important role in optimizing production processes, ensuring product safety and quality and increasing energy efficiency in various industries. By using efficient and environmentally friendly refrigeration systems, industrial energy consumption can be reduced while maintaining the same process quality, thus making a positive contribution to the climate.