Refolution of the blood plasma freezer

For demanding processes in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products in the temperature range down to -90 °C.

Introduction Blood plasma freezer

Blood plasma freezers are systems for controlled freezing and defrosting of pharmaceutical and biotechnological products.

The systems consist mainly of a refrigeration circuit, a heat transfer medium circuit and the product chamber, in which the products are frozen or defrosted in bag systems on the control plates of the systems.

For controlled freezing and defrosting, the heat transfer medium is pumped through the positioning plates. The heat transfer surface is maximized by compressing the bags between the plates. This enables the fastest and most homogeneous freezing and defrosting possible. To ensure that heat is continuously extracted from the product, the integrated refrigeration system cools the heated heat transfer medium back down to the required temperature.


An adjustable freezing and defrosting speed and full control over the entire process are at the top of the HOF freezers' performance specifications. The entire filling quantity is frozen evenly and independently of the bag size via adjustable plates.

Each product bag has the same freezing conditions at all times and the same shape at the end. This means that for example barcodes can be read automatically on the flat surface of a plasma bag. Reliable documentation of temperature and time is a matter of course.

HOF freezers work in an energy-saving manner with indirect cooling and consume no energy when not in operation. Large doors ensure fast loading and unloading. The interior of the appliance is made of stainless steel and is easy to clean.

Blood plasma freezer
Blood plasma freezer

Technical details of the blood plasma freezer

  • Refrigeration technology

    The well-proven cold air chillers from Mirai Intex are used for temperatures below -40 °C. It is outstanding in this area due to its high efficiency and reliability. The system is environmentally friendly thanks to the refrigerant air (R729) and there are no restrictions or regulations imposed by the EU F-Gas Regulation and REACH.

  • Maximum temperature flexibility

    Flexible adjustment of the control plate temperature until -90 °C.

  • High freezing speed

    Every product bag has the same freezing conditions at all times and the same shape at the end. This means that barcodes can be read by machine on the flat surface of a plasma bag. Reliable documentation and high freezing rates are a matter of course.

Reliable, durable, efficient and safe for people and the environment!

Technical designs of the blood plasma freezer

  • Minimum space requirement

    The entire refrigeration system is located underneath the product room, which separates the technical area from the production area.

  • Reliable service

    HOF's blood plasma freezers are always state of the art and fulfill the highest safety standards. In addition to manufacturing, HOF stands for comprehensive project support. The entire project - from system planning and production at HOF through to commissioning - is comprehensively supported on site by a project team. In addition, HOF is also available during transportation and installation with training courses and annual service and maintenance units.

  • Software with pharmaceutical documentation

    The blood plasma freezers are equipped with a visualization system for process control, the "HOF Freeze Viewer Professional". This system complies with FDA requirements in accordance with 21 CFR, Part 11. All process-relevant data such as batch reports and temperature curves can be printed out in the form of a process report or forwarded to a higher-level system using this software specially developed by HOF. The respective recipes for the individual products can be created individually by the customer.

Your advantages at a glance


Air as a refrigerant is free of charge, free of regulations and safe. The systems are built specifically for low temperatures.

High reliability
High reliability

Proven technology - Made in Germany. Low-wear and redundant.


Individually customized design with freely selectable operating temperatures and high power density.


Speed-controlled, energy storage with reduced load peaks in the electricity and cooling water network

Safe for humanity and environment
Safe for humanity and environment

Natural refrigerant without high pressures.

low maintenance and durable
low maintenance and durable

No leak test, air-bearing compressor = no wear, no oil. High-quality system technology.

Christian Berger

CSL Behring

Christian Berger · Global Director - Process and Technology Owner for Aseptic & Sterility

Refolution supported me in the technical verification of design and dimensioning of a Natural Refrigerant Cooling System for a new Freeze Dryer system.
I was very happy with the immediate support and competence of the Refolution Team. Thanks for your help.

Technical details & options

Technical information


  • - Number of plates: 6+1

    - Dimensions of the adjusting plates: 1600 x 800 x 17.5 mm

    - Actuating plate spacing: 80 mm

    - Temperature homogeneity: +/- 1 K at (+30 °C / -15 °C) +/- 2 K at (-60 °C)

    - Control range of plate temperature: -80 °C - +40 °C

    - Minimum plate temperature: -80 °C

    - Maximum plate temperature: +40 °C

    - Plate cooling (without product): +20 °C to -60 °C < 120 min

    - Plate heating (without product): +1 K/min

    - Integrated cooling system: with R729

    - FTU installation dimensions: approx. 4200 x 1400 x 2500 mm

    - FTU transport dimensions: approx. 2600 x 1400 x 2200 mm

    - FTU weight: approx. 4000 kg

  • Further options follow...

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