Ultra Low temperature Container

3D-Modell Mobile low tempeature storage container top view 3D-Modell Mobile low tempeature storage container top view

Ultra Low temperature Container - ULT 25 - Optimal for low-temperature logistics in demanding environments and requirements!

Turnkey, individual low-temperature containers with air (R729) as the refrigerant for flexible use from −30°C to −110°C - planned and implemented to suit your requirements.

Introduction ULT 25 container

Our ULT containers are designed with the storage system, security, loading and unloading concepts in line with customer needs and the given space. They consist of special industrial panels with PU foam filling, with optionally integrated vacuum panels, which are mechanically stable enough for extreme temperatures and achieve an adequate insulating effect. For the low-temperature rooms, we use the flexible cold air chillers from Mirai Intex, which can flexibly achieve temperatures from -30°C to -110°C (optionally up to -160°C). Appropriate lock systems are integrated for energy optimization and ice mist reduction.

The machine control is implemented with an S7 and our developed security concepts and can be extended to customer needs, such as GMP Audit Trail with GAMP5. The equipment in the storage rooms is integrated, from temperature monitoring and LED lighting to shelving and rail systems.

High-quality, flexible and mobile

The ULT Container is a high-quality, flexible, mobile and reliable storage solution for vaccine manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, logistics and distribution centers and research institutes. Due to its compact design, in a CSC-certified 40ft container, the ULT can be quickly and easily transported worldwide, installed and put into operation at a new location or as an extension of existing cold stores. On site, the ULT is ready for use within a few hours after connection to electricity and water - wherever and whenever it is needed. With the ULT from KTI, temperature-sensitive substances can be stored at an optimal temperature in the range of -110°C to -30°C using sustainable and efficient cold air technology.

Mobile low tempeature storage container
Mobile low tempeature storage container

Technical details of the ULT25 container

  • insulation

    The insulation is realized with tried and tested polyurethane insulation elements from Teledoor. Depending on the requirements, these can be optimized with integrated vacuum plates. When cold, the elements contract and the outer shell stays warm. This leads to mechanical stress, which is greater the higher the temperature difference and the higher the chamber. Our chambers are reinforced with hook and loop fasteners, so the chambers remain mechanically stable even after many temperature changes. In addition, we check all our installations with the thermal imaging camera and thus optimize penetrations, such as for cable bushings.

  • engine room

    The engine room is located in the rear part of the container. Installed there is the cold air machine from Mirai Intex, the -20 °C CO₂ chiller for cooling the lock, control cabinets for controlling and regulating the container and its components.

  • steering

    The solution includes the complete control, including the control cabinet. The controller is implemented using an S7 from Siemens and can optionally be equipped with a redundant, high-availability controller, additional backup controller and audit trail (GAMP 5). The control can be integrated into the building management system (GLT) with the classic interfaces. In addition, if necessary, faults can be detected and rectified at an early stage via remote maintenance.

  • lighting

    The lighting is realized with robust special LEDs. In contrast to normal LED lights, these remain bright at low temperatures and can be switched on and off. This enables very efficient and safe operation. In addition, these are battery-buffered so that the room can be left safely even in the event of a power failure.

Reliable, durable, efficient and safe for people and the environment!

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Technical design

  • safety concept

    The containers are robust, equipped with non-slip floors and redundant and battery-buffered LED lighting. Due to the actively cooled lock, there is only little formation of ice mist and ice deposits in the container. In addition, the lock for safe dry ice handling is monitored with CO₂ sensors. Our dead man's switch has proven particularly useful. Door opening is detected via the door contacts. After that, a timer begins, which must be acknowledged when leaving. Otherwise the flashing light and the horn will start. After a further 30 seconds, factory security can optionally be informed.

  • Plug & Play

    The container only requires a power connection of 400 V 63 A and a water connection of +4 °C with 30 KW, which is also optionally included. Otherwise, the container is weatherproof for extreme conditions and can also be set up on uneven terrain with washers.

  • refrigeration

    We carry out a detailed cooling load calculation with your requirements and then use the appropriate, efficient refrigeration technology with only natural refrigerants. For the low temperature below -40°C, the cold air cooling technology from Mirai Intex with only air (R729) is used in the open version. With its mechanical de-icing, this ensures a homogeneous temperature distribution, dry storage air with a dew point reduction of up to +20°C and constant temperatures without defrosting cycles. For lock cooling and cold water generation, we use CO₂ (R744) or propane (R290) for cooling, depending on the requirement. These natural refrigerants are free from political regulations such as the F-Gas Regulation.

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The Advantages of the KTI ULT Container at a glace

future proof
future proof

Air as a refrigerant is free, unregulated and safe. The systems are robust and specially built for low temperatures.

high reliability
high reliability

Proven technology - Made in Germany. Wear-resistant and redundant.


Individually adapted to the needs Version with freely selectable temperatures during operation.


Speed-controlled, no evaporator, expander with energy return to the turbo unit, low spec. Surface, vacuum insulation and lock.

Safe for people and the environment
Safe for people and the environment

Natural refrigerant without high pressures, without toxicity and without flammability. 0 GWP, 0 ODP, 0 TFA. High level of personal protection through dead man's switch, escape routes, little ice fog and non-slip floors.

low-maintenance & durable
low-maintenance & durable

No leak test, air-bearing compressor = no wear, no oil. High quality insulation.

Technical details & options

Technical information





  • The ULT container is a standard system, including storage system, safety, loading and relief concept. The containers consist of special insulating panels with PU foam that are mechanically stable enough for extreme temperatures and a sufficient insulating effect for the achieve low temperatures. For the main storage room we used the flexible cold air chillers from Mirai Intex, the Temperatures from -40°C to -110°C (optionally up to -160°C) are realised. There is a corresponding lock system for energy optimization and ice mist reduction integrated, which also ensures access to the main storage room.The main task of the passively cooled lock is to limit the exchanged Guarantee the amount of air between the ambient air and the main storage room.

  • Double container, cold water supply, actively cooled lock, box in box insulation

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