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We are very pleased that our customer "Firma Rudolf Rieker GmbH" has won the Environmental Innovation Award of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMVU for short) for the steel hardening process we have developed with ultra-low temperatures of up to -80 °C. This process is also environmentally friendly.
What's more, this process is environmentally friendly and does not require the considerable energy input in production, transport and storage that the current industrial standard does.
Here, our solution can save between 50% and 70% energy compared to conventional processes while maintaining the same quality.
Currently, in a cryogenic treatment process of steel, liquid nitrogen is sprayed into a cold chamber and heated in the same furnace. This means that the entire mass of the furnace is always re-tempered. Our process uses a separate furnace for cooling and recovers the cold energy from the finished charge. In addition, instead of liquid nitrogen, we used Mirai Intex's MC22 O/W cold air chiller, which is many times more efficient than nitrogen at the temperatures.
According to Christian Kühn, Parliamentary State Secretary at BMVU, this promoted process can make an important contribution to greenhouse gas reduction, as well as avoiding nitrogen emissions.
In this article, the Cooling Post, you can read about our cooperation.


Our two ID4 from Volkswagen have finally been delivered. Despite higher manufacturing costs, these have an air conditioning system with the sustainable refrigerant CO2 / R744. This results in a range advantage due to the higher efficiency in air conditioning (heating & cooling), among other things. In addition, CO2 has no toxic degradation products such as TFA (PFAS), which when decomposed in the atmosphere of R1234yf contributes to the pollution of our drinking water and the environment and also has harmful effects on our health.You can read more about this in our HFO Refrigerant Report: example that HFO refrigerants are not needed, or even an unnecessary risk that ties up resources and inhibits progress. We hope that the stock of car air conditioning systems in Germany will soon be equipped with R436B (a mixture of propane and isobutane) and a significantly higher efficiency and that CO2/R744 and propane/R290 will continue to prevail in new cars.


We look forward to meeting you at the PDA exhibition in Seville from 12.09 - 13.09.23, as well as at the CPHI exhibition in Barcelona (booth no. 3QS35, hall H3.0) from 24.10 - 26.10.23.There we will be present, as a participating company, with exciting topics like cryogenic refrigeration, cold-heat coupling, high temperature heat pumps and pharmaceutical process equipment.Currently, refrigeration and air conditioning technology is increasingly becoming the focus of public discussion. The use of surplus heat used for cooling, e.g. from combined heat and power plants, has triggered developments that are highly sustainable and economical. The use of waste heat through heat recovery concepts and brine networks is a promising method of increasing energy efficiency and reducing CO₂ emissions.

Another topic we are happy to assist you with is low-temperature goods logistics. The correct storage and transport of pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, hormones, enzymes or blood plasmas, is particularly important so that their effectiveness is not lost. This requires a constantly controlled temperature, as well as humidity. If necessary, an emergency concept and the possibility for low-temperature storage is an important aspect to ensure effective goods logistics for low-temperature products. For this purpose, we offer a product range that covers the entire cold supply chain.
On the one hand, we offer possibilities for stationary storage with our ULT container and mobile storage with the cryogenic trailer "CryoCargo110", which also serves for the transport of goods and as an emergency concept for sensitive products.

Recycling is also an important matter for us. This also includes the recycling of solvents from exhaust gas streams. With the HOF CryoProPhase, such waste gases can be purified by means of cryogenic waste gas treatment.

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